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Technical Note

This article recreates Technical Note 205.2, originally posted January 21, 2005.

How do I upgrade from COSMOS 3.2.1 to COSmanager 4.2.5

All products, Backup 3.2.x, Duty 3.0, Sentinel 4.2.x and Task 4.1, will run with COSmanager Framework 4.2.5. They will be able to take advantage of context sensitive menus and new look and feel without the need for any modifications.

Upgrade process

The upgrade is performed as follows:

  1. Download COSmanager 4.2.5 distribution for your Operating System from Functional Software Downloads. Save the distribution to /tmp on the target host
  2. As a COSmanager Manager user run:
  3. Config > COSMOS configuration > COSMOS applications, then Application > Install
  4. Select file, enter filename as downloaded, eg /tmp/cosmos-4.2.5
  5. When requested whether to share or copy the database, select copy
  6. Exit COSmanager
  7. As a COSmanager Manager user, ignoring missing audit trail messages, run:
    cos -u cosmos -v 4.2.5
  8. Config > COSmanager configuration > Applications
  9. Select COSmanager 4.2, then Application > Default version
  10. Config > COSmanager configuration > Other tables
  11. Select audlist, then Table > Maintain
  12. Select the audit trail COSMOS, then Maintain > Change
  13. Change all occurances of COSMOS to COSmanager (in Name, Description, File and Archive directory)
  14. Save the changes
  15. Config > COSmanager configuration > Hosts
  16. Select all entries that are not COSmanager hosts, then Maintain > Remove (you can avoid having to confirm each entry being removed by first File > Confirm actions)
  17. Then Remote > Allow access
  18. Then Remote > Get applications
  19. Exit COSmanager
  20. Edit /etc/passwd and change the home directory of cosmos to the new installed directory of COSmanager Framework 4.2.5, for example, from /usr/cosmos/COS_3.2 to /usr/cosmos/COS_4.2
  21. Create new symbolic link to the cos and FSsh program, for example:
    ln -s /usr/cosmos/COS_4.2/bin/cos /bin/cos
    ln -s /usr/cosmos/COS_4.2/bin/FSsh /bin/FSsh
    ln -s /usr/cosmos/COS_4.2/bin/FStcl /bin/FStcl
  22. From a root shell run:
    cos -u cosmos cosmos -c ksh
    cd ~cosmos/Install
  23. Some tables should be compared with new default values. These tables are appl_cap, comm_meth, hostclass, hostype, role and table. Run:
    cd ~cosmos/db
    diff <table> ../distrib.db
    If entries in are superseded or no longer needed, then remove the file < table> from the current directory.