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When I try to view the Downloads area, all I see is a loading page

Several customers have reported that when attempting to access the sub-sites on the FS internet (downloads, support, documentation etc) that nothing loads on the screen, and it seems to wait forever. Eventually it will time out, and may or may not show the text content with no styling.

One of our customers did some investigation on their servers and discovered the following:

On our Linux proxies we HAD (no longer and hence the fix) "TCP Explicit Congestion Notification" turned on (which as I understand is default for some distro's of Linux). This is apparently not supported by some OS's and may cause a connection refused message. TCP_ECN is a proposed guideline but is not standard with all OS's yet (see here for info http://www.icir.org/floyd/papers/tcp_ecn.4.pdf)

I turned it off here on our STAFF and DMZ proxies and presto the Functional Software site came up like lightening and so did the FS Download site.... Cool Huh! All I need now is details for access to this area and I can get my own downloads :-) instead of hassling you to email them to me.

To turn it off on our boxes was simple see following command, of course this may vary depending of distribution or OS (not sure how one would do it under Windows for instance, maybe you could find a GURU to assist on that one... let me know if you do :-) )

Command to execute as root: echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn (pathetically simple Huh !! but it worked for me)

This has been confirmed as fixing the issue by two separate customers.