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Getting Started

DA-Oracle is the Oracle Backup module for backup3G. DA-Oracle is a set of backup and restore procedures that lets you perform:

DA-Oracle lets you quickly restore Oracle files in the event of a system failure. Once the files are restored from tape, database recovery should be done by a qualified Oracle DBA.

Scheduling and monitoring of Oracle backups is exactly the same as for any other backup job in backup3G.

DA-Oracle supports Oracle 7.x, 8i, 9i and 10g.

About this guide

This manual is the primary reference for setting up and using DA-Oracle, and is designed to help users and administrators to use DA-Oracle and backup3G effectively. It describes:

Who should use this guide

This guide is aimed at:

For More Information

The COSmanager User Guide explains how to install COSmanager products, such as backup3G, and add-on modules, such as DA-Oracle.

The backup3g User Guide describes how to configure backup3G, how to set up and maintain backups, how to manage backup media and drives, and how to back up and recover filesystems and directories.

Scheduling and monitoring of Oracle backups is exactly the same as for any other backup job. These are described in detail in the backup3G User Guide.

COSmanager promotes a ‘policies and procedures’ approach to system management, including backup and media management. The guides, How to Implement Policy Based Management and a Sample Policy and Procedures Manual, are available. Examples of backup-related policy and procedure statements are also included the backup3G User Guide.

Where to from here

Installing and Configuring DA-Oracle

Defining Oracle Backups

Searching and Restoring Oracle Backups

Command Reference

Commands used by DA-Oracle

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