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These technical notes document any workarounds or issues that may cause a problem when using our products. These problems could be through software, operating system or environment setup errors.

If you have any problems with the information contained in these technical notes, or you find a problem with one of our products, please let us know.

Technical Note 205 - Upgrading COSmanager 3.2.1 to COSmanager 4.2.5.

Technical Note 210 - Using COSmanager PCgui to login to a COSmanager host as any user appears to do nothing.

Technical Note 211 - Commands used by DA-Oracle

Technical Note 212 - SCSI Information

Technical Note 213 - TEMP tablespaces and TEMPFILES

Technical Note 214 - Windows senagent Network Traffic information

Technical Note 215 - LTO vs SDLT

Technical Note 216 - COSserver Communications

Technical Note 217 - SSH Communications