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Overview and Features

This module release fixes issues high priority problems. This module has also been certified for use with ORACLE 7, 8, 9 and 10. Please refer attached table for full information.

The distribution is generic and will run on all UNIX platforms supported by COSbackup 3.2.1 or newer.

Features in DA-Oracle


Software Prerequisites

Before you can install DA-Oracle 2.2.2, COSmanager 3.2.1 (or newer) and COSbackup 3.2.1 (or newer) must already be installed on the same host.

Disk Space Required

DA-Oracle 2.2 is installed under the COSbackup home directory. It requires less than 200 Kbytes disk space.

Supported Oracle Versions

DA-Oracle 2.2.2 supports Oracle 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8, 8i, 9i and 10g.


Parameter File for Export

There are some tasks that cannot be performed solely using parameters in the options field of the backup item. Some of these include exporting multiple tables and tables owned by different users. In these cases the use of a parameter file should be considered. Use the -p flag to specify the parameters file in the options field of the backup item. The structure of the parameter file is described in the ORACLE Server documentation. For example, options include:


The ORACLE export backup item requires a -l user/password to be specified in the options field. However, if this information is specified in the parameters file it will over-ride the options field. We suggest using a “dummy” userid and password - e.g. yogi/bear.

A type of export must be chosen (i.e. backup method) and we recommend using a full export.

Simultaneous Backups

You cannot run two backup jobs of the same SID at the same time.

Parallel Server Option

DA-Oracle 2.2.2 does not support the Parallel Server option.

Backing Up Multiple Installations of Oracle

If two copies of Oracle are installed on a host you can back up files from either. You enter the default Oracle installation for a host when DA-Oracle is first installed and configured.

To back up files from another installation on that host, specify the name of the non-default Oracle user in the Options field when you add or change a Backup Item—example: -u <username>

Protect File Patterns

The Oracle offline and Oracle online backup methods can accept a file pattern comprising a list of files to be backed up along with the Oracle object. The file pattern is specified in the Options field when you add or change a Backup Item.

This pattern is globbed before being passed to the method. Protect file patterns with quotes (example: -s “*/*savefile”) to make sure they are passed correctly to the backup method.


DA-Oracle follows COSbackup terminology, which in some cases is different from Oracle terminology:


Archive Log Backups with no Archive Logs

When performing an archive log backup, and no archive logs are found, the backup job will succeed even though no files are backup up.

Oracle Export Media Contents

There is no way to tell from the media contents which tables are backuped up in an export. Check the logfile for the output text from the ‘exp’ command.

Using Parameter File with an Oracle Export

There are side effects when using a parameter file to over-ride the type of export specified in the backup method. The media contents will reflect the type of export specified in the method rather than what was specified in the parameter file. Restore to Online Database: DA-Oracle will warn if you try to restore files to an online database. Don’t do this unless you are certain it won’t corrupt the database. We recommend that you restore to a temporary location and manually copy files to the correct location.

Online Backs Up All Files in Directory

The Oracle online backup method will back up all files in the archive log destination directory, not just archive log files.

Export Failure Causes Backup Step to Fail

When running Oracle export, the backup step doesn’t check to see if the export step succeeded. If the export step fails for any reason, the backup step still tries to back up the exported file and fails.

“No default version of module - ignored” dialog box

When upgrading from or de-installing DA-Oracle 2.1 the message “No default version of module - ignored” is displayed in a dialog box and cannot be removed. Workaround is to run:

Config>COSmanager Configuration>Maintain Tables

select application table (applictn) and Change. Modify the “installed modules” field to remove the oraback entry.

Hardware and OS Dependencies

None known.

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