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The primary aim of the Event History knowledge base in Sentinel3G is to provide an event monitoring service for sentries across monitored domain of various UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. It does this by providing options on the sentinel3G console to produce reports and graphs based on the logged (historical) data, as well as options to configure what and when to log.

sentinel3G can oly report on variables that have previously been logged. Therefore you cannot generate reports over time periods before the Data Logging knowledge base was installed, nor on sentries that have not been configured to perform logging.

Event History Knowledge Base Version

Version Availability Date Min Sentinel
1.2 30th Sep, 2004 4.4

Event History Knowledge Base Settings

The following settings are global and affect the event history. Ensure you restart the Event Manager after changing any of these settings.

Setting Description
EventLogAge The number of days to keep the logged data. All data older than this are automatically deleted. The default value is 460 days (or 5 quarters).
EventLogDir The directory that the logged data is stored. By default this is the Log directory under sentinel3G's db directory. Depending on how much logging you do and how long you retain the data, this directory can get large. As a guide, the OS knowledge base with default data logging settings produces approximately 1 Mbyte of data per day.