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Welcome to the Functional Software troubleshooter. This section is aimed at allowing our customers a level of self-diagnosis of common problems. If the answer you are looking for is not in the list below, please feel free to enter a support call in our tracker, located at http://support.fs.com.au.


Up to Date?

Functional Software recommends that your software be kept as up to date as possible. You can check what version of our software is the latest by visiting the GA Release List.

To find out which version of a given piece of software you are currently running, start up COSManger (through Xgui or PCgui).


Config - > COSManager config - > Applications

This will present you with a list of all the products that are currently installed on that machine, along with the version numbers.

To find out what version of a Sentinel3G Knowledge Base you are currently using:

Config - > sentinel3G Config


Tables -> Knowledge Bases

Need to upgrade?

Functional Software provides an online repository of all currently available software, ready to download. If you do not have a login for our web system, please call the Sydney Office on +61 2 0209 4362 or drop an email to web_registration@fs.com.au and we will organize one for you. To be eligible for access to the downloads area, and our support services you must have a support agreement in place with us.

Once you've obtained your login for the web system, it's as simple as pointing your browser to http://downloads.fs.com.au. Assuming you are already logged in, you will be presented on the left side with a menu of products. If you have not already logged in, you will be presented with a login screen.

You will only be given access to download those file types (products and operating systems) for which you are under a support contract with Functional Software. In some cases, this will mean that there are no products available in certain categories.

Once you have successfully downloaded any new software versions that are needed, installing an upgrade is a simple procedure. Please see Upgrading COSmanager Products.

Still Have Problems?

On the following pages we have listed several common problems and errors, along with their solutions. If the issue you are stuck on is not listed below, or you require more help, please use the "Report Issue" function under our support tracker.

Common Issues


Alternate Notification Methods do not work correctly

While attempting to use a custom script rather than a standard sentinel3G notification method, the new notification method is ignored, and all notification emails are sent to the COSmanager user on the localhost of the Event Manager.
This is a known issue, and is caused by the lack of an email attached to the user account in COSmanager. Even if your notification method does not require an email address, one must be present in order for the alternate notification method to work.