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The primary aim of the Syslog knowledge base in Sentinel3G is to provide notification of important system messages using monitoring that is consistent across various UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. Due to differences between the various operating systems we monitor, complete consistency is not always achievable. This document describes the general content of the Process knowledge base, and the discrepancies between them on different platforms.

Syslog Knowledge Base Version

Version Availability Date Min Sentinel
1.0 6th Feb, 2006 4.4

Syslog Knowledge Base

Error Messages Class

Sentry AIX HPUX Linux SCO Solaris Tru64 Windows¹

¹ Process monitoring is part of the Windows OS knowledge base.

Sentry Details


Sentry Class Agent Poll Time States Logging
Syslog Error_Messages Syslog 30s

Sentry State Details

Syslog Sentry

AIX, HPUX, Linux, SCO, Solaris, Tru64, Windows


State Severity Condition Escalation
Critical critical $severity == "critical" delete after acknowledgement
Severe severe $severity == "severe" delete after acknowledgement
alarm alarm $severity == "alarm" delete after acknowledgement
warning warning $severity == "warning" delete after acknowledgement
info info $severity == "information"delete after acknowledgement