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Overview and Features


DA-RMAN 5.1 facilitates the operations of tape libraries. It support loading from any slot to any drive, unloading from any drive to any slot, barcode readers, and one or more import/export (or mailbox) slots.

New features in DA-RMAN

Simpler Configuration

  • Remote access control
  • Drive inactivity timeout
  • Direct I/O blocksize
  • Meta-data replication
  • Notification.

Enhanced Operations

Improved Auditing

  • backup jobs
  • media copies
  • re-indexing media
  • media library inventory
  • recovery jobs
  • meta-data replication.
  • backup scheduling console
  • recovery console
  • media management console
  • drive and media library consoles
  • job monitor console.


Installation Requirements

Software prerequisites

To install and run backup3G 5.1 on a host, you must have:

Disk space required

Software Approximately 1.5 MB in the backup3G home directory.
Temporary Files While installing backup3G: less than 1.5 MB, to hold a copy of the software distribution.
While backup3G is running: less than 5 MB in /tmp.
Audit Trails For the backup3G audit trail, about 10 - 50 MB in the system spool area. The actual amount will depend on the activity on your system (e.g. how many backups are run), and how often you archive and delete the log files.
For the operations audit trail, about 10 - 50 MB in the system spool area. The actual amount will depend on the activity on your system.
For the configuration audit trail, about 10 - 50 MB in the system spool area. The actual amount will depend on the configuration activity on your system.
Backup and Restore Logs For the backup3g backup and restore logs, up to 200 MB for a small backup environments, or up to 1 GB for medium to enterprise backup environments in the system spool area.

Related Software

The release of backup3G 5.1 coincides with the release of stacker3G 5.1 (module), VTL3G (module), DA_Oracle 5.1 (module) and duty3G 5.1 (application).

Technical Notes: Using DA-RMAN 5.1

This section contains some technical notes, tips, and troubleshooting information to help you when installing and using DA-RMAN 5.1.

Temporary or trial licensing

Backup3G may be issued with a temporary license for use in trials or demonstrations. Temporary licenses have an in-built expiry date. You must obtain a permanent license or a new temporary license from your COSmanager distributor to keep using backup3G after the expiry date.

Backup3G won’t install if the license key is due to expire within the next 7 days. In this case you will need to obtain a new license key from your COSmanager distributor.

Building libobk.so

In order for RMAN to use backup3G as its Media Manager, a shared library called libobk.so must be provided which implements the SBT (System Backup to Tape) interface to backup3G.

Should you need to re-build the libobk.so shared library, the source code is provided in the files rman_if.c and skgfqsbt.h. Re-building may be necessary, for instance, if the version of Oracle you are using is 64 bit, but the supplied libobk.so is 32 bit.

libobk.so should be left in this directory (da_rman_1.2/Install). A symbolic link will be created under $ORACLE_HOME/lib pointing to libobk.so in this directory.

Below are the commands needed to build the shared library on different Operating Systems:

code gcc -shared -O -fPIC -D_GNU_SOURCE rman_if.c -o libobk.so

code cc -G -O -KPIC rman_if.c -o libobk.so
On 64 bit Sparc systems, you may need to add -xarch=generic64 to force the compiler to build a 64 bit version.

code cc -O -bM:SRE -bnoentry -bE:libobk.exp rman_if.c -o libobk.so
On 64 bit systems, add -q64 -b64

code cc -O +z -c rman_if.c
ld -b rman_if.o -o libobk.so
Some OSes define flock_t, and you may get a compiler error. If this happens, edit rman_if.c and remove line 35:
typedef struct flock flock_t;


Known Problems in this Release

None known.

Hardware and OS Dependencies


None known.


None known.


None known


None known

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